June 2022

A zero emission future is possible...

At the invitation of the "inatura - Erlebnis Naturschau" museum in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg - Austria), IIT has held - as representatives of the LIFEalps project - a presentation about e-mobility in general as well as about the two technologies it comprises, i.e. battery and fuel cell/hydrogen.

At the heart of the (well attended) lecture was however the practical side of this, i.e., South Tyrol's experiences in this sector and the LIFEalps project, which is central to the development of zero emission mobility on the Brenner corridor.

May 2022

E-Drive Day 2022: discover e-mobility first-hand!

In 2022 the annual E-Drive Day has been held at the Safety Park: about 200 people faced not-actual-spring-weather and took different types of zero emission vehicles for a turn on the road.

LIFEalps, too, was present with two fuel cell vehicles, i.e., one of its Hyundai Nexos, as well as one 2nd generation Toyota Mirai which has beein kindly made available by Toyota Italy.

Thank you to all the people who came meet us for being so interested in e-mobility!

May 2022

Klimamobility: let's talk about sustainable mobility!

After a two-year-long pause this year Klimamobility was finally held as an in-person meeting: therefore, all people interested met at the Bozen/Bolzano trade fair and the MEC Meeting & Event Center Südtirol Alto Adige.

Of course, the LIFEalps didn't skip this opportunity and held a presentation about LIFEalps and its contribution to a more sustainable or "more zero emission" future.

May 2022

eTest Days: South Tyrol's economy drives zero emission (vehicles)!

At the beginning of May was kickstarted the annual test cycle of zero emission vehicles for South Tyrol's economy: the eTest Days give all participants the possibility to drive a "green" vehicle testing it in everyday life in hopes of approaching them to a sustainable mobility.

LIFEalps partecipated (as it did before) and provided two fuel cell electric vehicles, a Hyundai Nexo and a Toyota Mirai, thanks to a collaboration with Toyota Italy.