This project’s main goal is to transform South Tyrol into an Alpine model region for zero emission mobility. Furthermore, the different LIFEalps actions contribute to protection the climate and to fight climate change.


This project’s goals can be divided in three categories: 


This project aims at creating the necessary infrastructure for zero emission mobility, i.e. e-mobility (charging stations and hydrogen refuelling stations).


There will be implemented pilot fleet in different locations in our province which will comprise different types of electric vehicles. 


This project aims at developing zero emission services which will benefit the local population and tourists. 

As this project, and therefore the e-mobility in South Tyrol, is based on these three pillars, it is possible to prevent some problems:

  • combining infrastructure and pilot fleet equals to preventing the famous hen-egg-problem, as infrastructure needs vehicles, and vehicles need infrastructures.
  • Both, infrastructures and vehicles, are a requirement for developing so-called zero emission services, e.g. taxi or shuttle serives, which will benefit both the local population and tourists visiting the area.