There are 7 partners who work on realizing this project. Everybody has different responsibilities; therefore, they complement each other. 


SASA is coordinating this project. Therefore, it is the direct point of contact of the EU’s funding body, and is actively involved in all areas. 

Special goals to be underlined are the installation of charging stations and of a hydrogen refuelling station in the Bolzano and Merano bus depots to accelerate the electrification of the bus fleet. Furthermore, the hydrogen production will be relocated.


SASA will be supported in its function as coordinator by IIT, Institute for Innovative Technologies Bolzano which functions as project manager. 


Within the LIFEalps project  Autostrada del Brennero SpA (Brennero motorway plc) will open a Hydrogen Refuelling Station(HRS) in Affi, and installing charging stations for battery electric vehicles. 

Alperia and Neogy's activity in the project lies within their core businesses, i.e. charging stations and energy. In effect, they will install 6 fast charging stations in different parts of South Tyrol. 

The Azienda Pubbliservizi Brunico (Municipal Utilities Brunico) will take charge of e-mobility in the eastern part of South Tyrol: one hydrogen refuelling station and one fast charger will serve electric vehicles.

The Vinschgauer Energie Konsortium (Venosta Valley Energy consortium) will take the lead on e-mobility in the western part of South Tyrol: a hydrogen refuelling station will open at their head office in Glorenza, and 6 hyper chargers (75kW) will be installed in the Vinschgau Valley. 

Eurac’s contribution to this project will be mainly its experience and expertise in the monitoring department. Therefore, they will analyse and evaluate the different steps as well as the outcome of the project. 

STA – Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA (South Tyrol Transport Structures plc), and especially its Green Mobility department, will launch an awareness and education campaign as regards to sustainable mobility.