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Progress in Infrastructures

Infrastructures are one of three columns on which the LIFEalps project is based. In order to promote a holistic concept of zero emission mobility, the infrastructural aspect of LIFEalps includes:

5 Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in South Tyrol and on the Brenner Motorway

more than 30 charging stations

in South Tyrol

expanding the production of

green hydrogen

News regarding Infrastructures

September 2020

First fast chargers installed

VEK has been the first LIFEalps project partner to install fast chargers: these five fast charging stations are expanding the infrastructural network in the Vinschgau valley.


December 2019

An important step towards expanding the hydrogen infrastructural network towards South

The exact ubication for the hydrogen refuelling station on the Brenner Motorway has been decided: it will be built in a strategic position near Verona North: there, the Brenner corridor meets the A4 motorway (Milan-Venice) and fundamental touristic points of interest (lake Garda, the Verona airport) are nearby.

Let the planning begin!